Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group Review: A top-notch service with a resilient team

A dependable and trusted service, Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group has it. What’s more is their amiable and knowledgeable team. Customers were often satisfied with their services and good reviews about them were abundant on the internet.


Taking care of your car has never been this special with Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group. George Mandair, along with other seasoned managers, frequently receives good feedbacks from their customers because of their trustworthy and good service.

They always give their best shot in assisting people with car related concerns.


With their years of experience in this field, Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group has also been active in the trades on South Coast of Hampshire. Their good service has been known to a lot of people there for more than a decade already.


Defined as a reliable family run company, Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group could indeed handle properly any of your car issues. They can assist you in brake checks, car servicing, looking for good tyres, MOTs, along with free seasonal checks. With their current online service, you can also get a quick tyre quote as well as reserve your tyres for fitting.


In order to provide a fair convenience to their customers, Tyre&Auto depots also provide a local collect and a return service to them. It is recommended to ask their team about the service once you booked.


Stated earlier are some of the services that their entire depots offer to customers. But the company has more to offer and it includes checking of your car’s windscreen wipers and doing a full engine overhaul to your vehicle.


A lot of customers had seen their good skills and capability in handling car-related works, and most of them were pleased with the company’s honest service. In addition, Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group offers a good array of free service checks as well. You may inquire at their local depot to find out more about their services.

Security and Risk Online: 5 cybersecurity trends to watch for 2017

As 2016 draws to a close, we can reflect on a year where cybersecurity has played a major role. Even presidential campaigns haven’t been free from hacking scandals and data leaks. The average cost of a data breach for companies grew from $3.8 million last year to $4 million in 2016, according to the Ponemon Institute.


Companies of all sizes have embraced the cloud and open source has become the standard for infrastructure software. Both pose their own blend of benefit and risk. A major datacenter attack or failure could be problematic for many companies, and we can certainly expect an increase in the number of cyber-attacks based on open source vulnerabilities.


What else does 2017 hold in store? Let’s take a look at five trends we’ll be talking about in InfoSec this coming year.


  1. DDoS attacks on IoT devices


Cybercriminals will increasingly target all manner of internet-connected endpoints such as surveillance cameras and employ them in DDoS attacks. In the rush to roll out all manner of IoT devices, security has taken a back seat. That means more serious incidents such as the denial of service attack on domain lookup service Dyn, are highly likely. The Mirai botnet was cited as the culprit, exploiting 50 to 100 thousand IoT devices.


Worldwide spending on IoT security reached $348 million this year, Gartner predicts it will climb to $434 million in 2017. But that won’t be enough, because Gartner analysts still think that, by 2020, more than 25% of all identified attacks in the enterprise will involve IoT.


  1. Hackers don’t need experience


The tools that hackers and cybercriminals use are readily available and easily within reach of anyone who wants them and has the money to pay. It’s possible to buy dangerous hacking tools and use them with little to no knowledge of how they actually work. This trend will continue to spark the rapid growth of cybercriminals in the wild. Whether someone is politically motivated, disgruntled about something, or a career criminal, off-the-shelf hacking tools make it easier for them to make their mark and will cost companies millions in 2017.


  1. Third-party vendors can be a gateway to their connected customers


Businesses can build an excellent security system and put all of the right policies in place, but until they subject all of their third-party partners to the same level of scrutiny, customers will be at risk. Just look at Wendy’s, where over 1,000 franchised locations were compromised by a Point-of-Sale (PoS) malware attack last summer. There will be more incidents like that until companies rise to the challenge of third-party risk management. Policies need to be tightened up with proper oversight to ensure that sub-standard security measures and systems don’t lead to major exposures.


  1. Ransomware


The specter of ransomware, which also appeared on last year’s list, continues to rear its ugly head. In fact, with Trend Micro predicting 25% growth in 2017, ransomware looks likely to spread into IoT devices, PoS systems, and ATMs. If you want your files back after a successful ransomware attack you’re probably going to have to pay the ransom, which is what the FBI actually suggests you do. It will be a lot cheaper to take preventative precautions. If you don’t want to end up held to ransom and out of pocket, then you need to act to mitigate the risk. Start by taking a look at our advice on how to guard against ransomware.


  1. Shortage of skilled IT security workers


This has been a long-standing problem. When 775 IT decision-makers involved in cyber-security were interviewed for a report entitled Hacking the Skills Shortage, 82% of them reported a shortage of cybersecurity skills, and 71% agreed that the shortage of skills does direct and measurable damage. With more than a million vacant positions worldwide, there have never been more jobs available in cybersecurity. We must work out why college graduates are shunning these openings and find a way to tempt them in.


In the meantime, hiring talent on a temporary basis is often the only route available for understaffed companies. That’s why the CISO-as-a-service or virtual CISO model is taking off and we expect it to grow more popular in the year ahead.


Whatever 2017 has in store for us, we can all boost our chances of success by taking a moment to review our cybersecurity planning and systems to ensure they’re the best that they can be. 

Things to Do in Essex by Group Holiday in Southbourne Dorset

Essex is situated in East Anglia, close to England's capital city, London. Whatever your interest, there is lots of choice in Essex with archaeology, history, coastline with seaside resorts, delightful countryside for walking, cycling and horse riding, nine country parks, busy towns and pretty villages to explore.


Chelmsford, the County town of Essex, is one of the County's best shopping centres and an ideal base for exploring the County.


Chelmsford is famous as the home of Essex County Cricket Club and as the town where the Marconi Company set up the first radio company in the world, in the late1890's. You can learn about the town's history at Chelmsford Museum in Oaklands Park.


Colchester is the oldest town in Britain, with documented evidence of a settlement here as early as the fifth century BC. Colchester is traditionally known for its cloth weaving, flower growing and oysters.


You can visit the Norman castle and museum, and also the Dutch Quarter where Flemish refugees settled in the sixteenth century.


Nearby is beautiful Dedham Vale and Constable Country in the north east; and the yachting and wildlife havens of Mersea Island and the Colne


On the 'sunshine coast' you'll find the towns of Clacton-on-Sea, Walton-on-the-Naze, and Harwich.


Clacton-on-Sea is popular with families, with miles of golden sandy beaches and the fun packed pier.


Walton-on-the-Naze has a good beach and the second longest pier in Britain, with one of the world's oldest amusement parks. Inland the Naze Tower dominates the area, which is rich in flora and fauna.


Frinton-on-Sea is tranquil and unspoiled, with golden beaches and tree lined avenues. The town has many interesting shops and the church of St. Mary has fine panels of stained glass by William Morris and Burne Jones.


In Harwich you can discover sixteen sites of historic interest by following the 'Harwich Maritime Trail'. The interesting towns of Manningtree and Mistley, which lie at the gateway to Constable Country, are also worth visiting.


Maldon is famous for the production of Maldon salt. In Maldon you can visit The Hythe, where the Thames sailing barges are moored, and explore the steep winding streets with intriguing inns and shops.


Southend-on-Sea is the largest town in Essex, a vibrant resort with seven miles of sparkling seafront, and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Don't miss Southend Pier - which is the world's longest pier. At nearby Leigh on Sea you can watch the local fishermen bring in the days catch.


In South Essex, Brentwood is a busy town with good shopping and leisure facilities. The town is surrounded by open countryside, which is part of the Metropolitan Green Belt, and the centre of town is only a short walk from pleasant woods and commons.


Essex Tourist Information is available at Waltham Abbey, where you can also visit the 16th Century timber framed buildings of the Epping Forest District Museum and Royal Gunpowder Mills steam-powered mill. The town is a gateway into the Lee Valley Country Park, with plenty of countryside and leisure activities.


Saffron Walden, once famous for its cultivation of saffron crocuses, is a delightful town in the north west of the County. Saffron Walden's beautiful church is the largest in Essex, dating from the prosperous years of the saffron industry in the late 15th century. The many timber framed buildings with fine plasterwork, and the intriguing alleyways around the market place contribute to the town's charm. There is a tourist information centre in Market Place.


Braintree is a bustling market town, good for shopping, restaurants, arts and entertainment. The surrounding rolling countryside offers good walking, cycling and golf.

Source: http://www.aboutbritain.com/counties/essex.asp

Group Holiday in Southbourne Dorset, Things to Do in Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire, situated in East Anglia, is rich in heritage and natural history. There are ancient cities, towns and villages with quiet charm and beauty to explore. Cambridgeshire's countryside offers fresh green uplands, contrasting with the lowlands and broad horizons of the Fens. The County contains many sites of Special Scientific Interest and National Nature Reserves.


This university town of Cambridge is a jewel in the crown of English architecture. Situated on the banks of the River Cam, surrounded by a Green Belt of water meadows, streams and pools, Cambridge will draw you back many times. First time visitors will benefit by taking a guided tour of the city.


The countryside of South Cambridgeshire is rural and varied, with rolling chalk hills covered with beech woods to flat, fertile fenland. Discover picturesque villages such as Granchester, home of the poet Rupert Brooke, who lived in the Old Rectory. Attractions in South Cambridge shire include Anglesey Abbey and the Imperial War Museum Duxford.  Picture courtesy of www.britainonview.com.The area offers cycle ways and walks and local rivers are famous for coarse and game fishing.


St. Neots is an ancient market town which is now the largest town in Cambridge shire. Nearby Paxton Pitts Nature Reserve is home to the second largest breeding cormorant colony in England.


Oliver Cromwell's House in Ely, whose magnificent Cathedral stands like a landmark towering above the fens, is well worth a visit. Ely lies on the banks of the Great River Ouse, where the crew of Cambridge University practices for the famous boat race between Cambridge and Oxford Universities.


Take a trip on a traditional river launch along the picturesque waterfront, or ride the Fens Cycle Way, which starts at Ely. Ely Museum is worth visiting to learn more about the area. Visit Wicken Fen, Britain's oldest nature reserve to see a huge range of wildlife. Four miles east of Ely is Prick willow Drainage Engine Museum, home of the 1924 five cylinder Mirlees - the museum explains the history of Fen drainage.


Huntingdon is the birthplace of Oliver Cromwell who was a pupil at the Old Grammar School (now the Cromwell Museum), as was Samuel Pepys. Explore the area's historic towns and villages, such as Hemingford Grey and visit the oldest continuously inhabited house in England. Hemingford Grey Manor, which was the home of Lucy Boston, author of the Green Know books for children.


The ancient market town of St. Ives stands on the banks of the River Great Ouse, spanned by a six arch 15th century bridge with the tiny chapel of St. Ledger in the centre, one of four medieval bridge chapels surviving in England.


Cambridgeshire Tourist InformationPicture courtesy of www.britainonview.com. can be found in the Minster Precincts of Peterborough Cathedral. In 1536 Peterborough's Norman cathedral became the burial place of Henry VIII's first wife, Katharine of Aragon. Nearby is the 3,000 year old Flag Fen Bronze Age Settlement, one of Europe's most important archaeological sites from that period.


Wisbech is an elegant Georgian town, surrounded by orchards and bulb fields. Visit the Wisbech and Fenland Museum, Peckover House and lovers of real ale should take the opportunity to visit Elgoods Brewery, to sample its traditional ale.


Howard Marans MD: What are the Treatment Options for Elbow Bursitis?

Elbow bursitis is caused by inflammation of the bursa. The bursa is a small fluid filled sac which provides lubrication and cushion among tissues and bones. The bursa sac is located at the tip of the elbow, forming a soft lubricating cover when a person extends and bends the elbow. When the sac is swollen or inflamed, the bursa will produce more fluid. The fluid buildup will create pain in the area. People who do repetitive work tend to develop elbow bursitis over time. Treatment options for elbow bursitis can be either surgical or non-surgical.


Symptoms of Elbow Bursitis


Seek the expert opinion of a health care professional to determine if the symptoms are due to elbow bursitis.


- One of the first symptoms to appear with elbow bursitis is a swollen area at the tip of the elbow. The swelling of the elbow can become painful as the bursa sac begins to stretch.

- The swelling in the elbow can limit movement.

- The elbow is stiff feeling, adding to the pain.

- When the elbow is touched, the extra pressure creates more pain.

- The swollen bursa sac protrudes out from the elbow tip.

-  The tip of the elbow may become red and warm to the touch. The redness indicates an infection in the bursa sac.


Treatment Options for Elbow Bursitis


The best treatment option should be discussed with an experienced doctor. In the Southern California area, Dr. Howard Marans has had over 20 years of consistent experience in one location. Treatment options for people suffering from elbow bursitis will be determined after collecting an accurate patient history.


Non-surgical Treatments


Elbow bursitis often responds well with non-surgical treatment methods. Surgery is often saved for last after all other options are exhausted.


- Apply ice packs to the swollen area on the elbow.

- Restrict movement of the elbow until inflammation subsides. Repetitive movement is often the cause of elbow bursitis flare up. Giving the injured area a rest can help reduce pain and inflammation.

- Use elbow pads to help protect the inflamed area.

- Take over-the-counter medication to reduce swelling and help with pain management.

- Prescribed medications can help decrease the inflamed area.

- Cortisone injections may be administered to help ease the pain.

- If the bursa sac is protruding, draining the inflamed area may be an option. The draining can be done through the insertion of a needle in the swollen area.

- Physical therapy can be assigned to increase


Surgical Treatment


If non-surgical treatment methods do not help to ease the symptoms, surgery may be needed. The surgery involves removing the inflamed bursa. The removal of the bursa sac will allow for a new one to grow and form. While a patient recovers from surgery, a splint will need to be worn. The splint is used as a method to protect the skin around the removal area.


Individualized treatment options for elbow bursitis will be determined by an experienced doctor. In the southern California area, Dr. Howard Marans can give a complete explanation of all the treatments available for elbow bursitis including non-surgical and surgical options. Howard Marans MD welcomes PPO and will work with all other insurance companies to provide the best treatment available. Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 714.979.8981.

Dr. Howard Marans, MD on Common Orthopedic Knee Surgery Costs in California

Orthopedic Knee Surgery

Orthopedic knee surgery may be used to treat knee problems that do not respond to other treatments. If you have a condition that may require surgery, you may want to understand the potential costs so that you can plan for them. Below, we will take a look at what influences orthopedic knee surgery costs, as well as how insurance covers knee surgery.


Types of Orthopedic Knee Surgery

There are two main types of knee surgery: open knee surgery and arthroscopic knee surgery. Open knee surgery is most commonly used to treat more extensive knee problems, such as total knee replacement for arthritis. Arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive form of surgery that can be used to treat less extensive knee problems, like meniscus or ligament tears.


It is preferable to use arthroscopic knee surgery whenever possible. Arthroscopic surgery has lower risks and a shorter downtime, making it preferable from the patient's perspective. In addition, arthroscopic surgery usually costs less to perform than open knee surgery.


What Influences Cost

Each case is unique, and knee surgery can cost different amounts depending on the specifics surrounding an individual case. Some of the factors that influence orthopedic knee surgery costs include:


- How high the local cost of living is

- Whether or not open knee surgery is used

- Whether or not a hospital stay is required

- How long is takes to perform the surgery

- How many resources the surgery takes to perform

- What the individual surgeon's rates are


Insurance Coverage

Insurance covers orthopedic knee surgery costs, because knee surgery is only used in cases where it is medically necessary. Insurance policies vary widely in the terms of their coverage, so that patients may have very different out-of-pocket costs depending on their coverage. If you have a high deductible that you have not yet met, you may pay for a large portion of the surgery on your own. If you have a low deductible or no deductible, you may pay very little out-of-pocket.


Thanks to insurance coverage and the widespread availability of patient financing, the majority of patient are able to afford their orthopedic knee surgery costs without issue. If you're out-of-pocket costs are too high for you to handle all at once, you can use financing to spread out the cost of treatment over a longer period of time. Some financing options include credit cards and third-party health care financing companies.


Dr. Howard Marans would be happy to meet with you about your knee health. To schedule your consultation today, please click below and enter your information or call (714) 979-8981.


Gilles Peterson (pictured) has been announced as part of the next round of speakers for EMC 2015, Asia-Pacific's leading electronic music industry event.


The legendary radio DJ and label founder will be joined in conversation by Future Classic-signed Perth producer Ta-ku at the December 1-2 conference, which will take over Sydney's Ivy complex for the first time.


A stack of other industry names have also been added, including Liz Miller from Beatport, Zouk Kuala Lumpur resident Blink and Australian DJ Tigerlilly. Keynote speaker Carl Cox was the first to be announced back in June.


Check out EMC 2015's full list of speakers below. Head here to pick up a pass.


EMC first speaker announcement

Carl Cox (Artist/DJ, UK)

Gilles Peterson (Brownswood Recordings / BBC, UK)

Ta-ku (Artist, AUST)

Liz Miller (Beatport, USA)

Blake Coppelson (Proximity, USA)

Tigerlily (Artist, AUST)

Denise Melanson (AM Only, USA)

Rob Woo (Spin Artist Agency, USA)

Blink (Artist / Head of Programming, Goldfish & Blink / Zouk Club KL, Malaysia)

Anna Fitzgerald (Ministry of Sound, AUST)

Martin Novosel (Purple Sneakers, AUST)

Erin Flanagan (Thinking Loud/Boiler Room, AUST)

Zaran Vachha (The Little Black Book Asia, Hong Kong)

Karen Hamilton (120 Publishing, AUST)

Jessica Krishnaswamy (BBE, AUST)

Reggie Ba-Pe (Sonically Transmitted Disease, China)

Pia Del Mastro (One Plus One Agency, AUST)

Vanessa Picken (Comes With Fries, AUST)

Laura Treacy, (Ministry of Sound, AUST)

Ayudita Hariadi (Ismaya Group, Indonesia)

Kimberley Yao (The Palace Group, Philippines)

Rebecca Florence (Flow & Hustle, AUST)

Shannon & Associates independent accounting and consulting firms: Leadership

Trusted expertise for long-term success.


Our dedicated team of experts are prized for their experience, longevity and financial acumen. Our clients know us as management consultants who understand the financial ramifications of their business decisions. And they trust us as forward-thinking advisors who are dedicated to their long-term success.


We realize that our success relies on our ability to help our clients be as profitable as possible. We do this by taking a more personal approach to financial management, immersing ourselves in our clients’ business through trust and honest, strategic and straightforward advice.


A broad range of accounting experience


Three partners ensure the accounting services expertise offered by Shannon & Associates. Together, we offer a wealth of experience that ranges from manufacturing and distribution to financial institutions; consulting and international tax to accounting and software.



Richard Lackey, CPA, CFA


Is the firm’s managing partner and has been with Shannon & Associates for 25 years. Dick has steadily built a reputation on his ability to recognize client needs and to be innovative in devising solutions. A steady dedication to his work has established him as a trustworthy asset for any client. Along the way, he has become an authority in an astonishing variety of fields, including:

Corporate acquisitions

Individual and corporate taxes

Reorganizations and liquidations

Estate and personal financial planning

Compensation and retirement plans

Business succession and transition planning

International taxation of foreign-owned US companies

Dick is licensed in Washington as both a CPA and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).


Julie Courtney, CPA


A partner and Director of Accounting & Auditing with Shannon & Associates, Julie’s primary fields of expertise include financial and retirement plan audits–both for privately held business and for nonprofit agencies. However, she is also an authority in the arenas of financial reporting, computerized accounting systems, and the advising of closely held businesses. She has considerable experience in a broad range of industries:

Building and construction



Wholesale distributors


Real estate development

Quality and technical review on all audits and full disclosure financial statements

Her areas of expertise include:

Internal control risk assessment and analysis

Financial statement reviews and compilations

Employee Benefit Plan Audits

As a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor, Julie also provides consultation on initial setup, as well as the review of ongoing activities and the establishment of accounting policies. Julie is a licensed CPA in the state of Washington.



Julia Atwood, SPHR


Julia is a partner and the firm’s administrator. She joined Shannon & Associates in 1991. In her position as the firm administrator, she is responsible for the day to day operations, human resources, recruiting, staffing and scheduling, client relations, internal communication and policy development, business development and new technology implementation and training. Julia also manages the financial software applications department. Her areas of expertise include assisting businesses with selection, implementation, training and customization of ERP systems. She works closely with clients on system implementation and training as well as developing internal procedures around IT and finance, focusing on business process improvement, workflow and controls. Julia is the current president of the Washington Chapter of the Association for Accounting Administration. Julia is a (SPHR) Senior Professional of Human Resources and is a non a non-licensed CPA firm owner.

She has a broad range of expertise implementing accounting, manufacturing and distribution software:

Accounting software implementation and training

Accounting software needs analysis and internal procedures reviews

Sage Mas90/Mas200 software certification

Dynamics SL (formerly known as Solomon)





Lane Strickland, CPA


Lane joined Shannon & Associates in 1997. Before joining our team, Lane owned and operated his own accounting firm. His more than 25 years in the public accounting arena have instructed him in the subtleties of the practice; the attention Lane pays to every finest detail has made him a valuable presence at Shannon & Associates. He has gained primary expertise in the areas of:



Individual income tax

Partnership and corporation income tax work

In 1996, Lane received the AICPA Certificate of Educational Achievement. Lane is licensed CPA in the state of Washington.


Sherri Owzarski, CPA , CEA


Sherri has acquired significant experience serving clients in a wide range of industries. These include her work with a major bank in the field of corporate banking and cash management, audit management with public accounting firms, and her work as a CEA in governmental and nonprofit accounting and auditing. The breadth in her areas of expertise is extensive:

Financial reporting and disclosures

Accounting systems and internal controls

Government and nonprofit auditing and reporting

Employee benefits, including retirement plans

Sherri performs peer reviews of other certified public accounting firms. In addition to her credentials as a CEA, she is a licensed CPA in the State of Washington.


Shannon & Associates is committed to your success.

Source: http://www.shannon-cpas.com/about/leadership

Bennett Jones Lawyers and Advisors Group: Construction

In this world of innovation in construction and procurement, complex construction agreements and financing structures, detailed legislation, and aggressive competition, competent and timely legal support is indispensable for any successful player in the construction industry. Our strong construction contracts team, combined with our litigation and corporate commercial practices and our state of the art technical and document management systems, provides full legal support to the construction industry in this increasingly complex, hybrid area of commercial law and litigation.


Our clients include owners, designers, contractors and lenders in the construction business, in government and the private sector, as well as the businesses that finance and underwrite construction projects of all kinds. This includes construction of resource extraction infrastructure, including power plants, mines, dams, pipelines, highways, water reservoirs and sewage lagoons, commercial, industrial and office buildings, shopping centres and utilities.


Our services fall into the five major categories of venture structuring, contract negotiation, financial risk management, construction challenges and construction claims. Early in project development, we engage in the structuring of joint ventures, partnerships, consortia and corporate vehicles to integrate risk equity, design expertise, construction capability and operational experience. Effective litigation management starts with tight, well-written contracts. In the implementation phase we advise clients on contract preparation, analysis and review of a variety of construction-related agreements, including joint venture, construction, consulting, supply and sub-contract agreements. We also counsel and defend clients on coverage issues, most often in connection with owner-controlled insurance programs, liability policies, builders’ risk policies, errors and omissions and professional liability coverage.


Throughout the construction process, we represent clients in matters involving progress payments, certificates of substantial completion, claims, warranty periods and obligations, holdbacks, lien periods and rights. When disputes arise, we represent clients in connection with liens, construction defects and specific performance issues.


We provide ongoing legal support on operational issues such as employee and labour relations matters involving Workers’ Safety and Insurance Board and employment standards matters, occupational health and safety requirements, employment contracts, severance, collective bargaining and union relations and grievances, as well as tax litigation matters, import permits, environmental damage claims and other claims arising out of ongoing and completed projects.

Source: http://www.bennettjones.com/Industries/Construction

Hill & Associates: Our Services

Enterprise Risk Management


Travel & Event Security


Increasingly, company executives and other employees are required to travel to unfamiliar or potentially hostile locations in order to transact business. In addition, offsite meetings and corporate participation in major events can expose groups of employees to varying degrees of risk. Hill & Associates can assist clients with all aspects of travel and event security, ranging from full hostile environment protective security to executive travel facilitation. This includes major event risk management, event security services, travel risk management, travel risk assessment and protection of individuals and sensitive information at offsite meetings and events.



Risk Management


Today's extended enterprise creates new and unfamiliar risk exposures, which often go ignored or undiscovered until it is too late. Outsourced and 'just in time' business models, security risk assessment and risk management services, which rely heavily on information systems to leverage global networks of suppliers, subcontractors and customers are changing companies' risk profiles beyond recognition. The resulting interdependencies and shared risks cannot be managed by traditional solutions anchored in a single geography or function. In this dynamic business environment, our strategic risk management approach, based on the ISO 31000 standard, balances a global risk perspective with an enterprise-wide view of key business processes and in-depth knowledge of local conditions and circumstances. In addition to designing the processes and systems to address a client's assessed risks, we can provide comprehensive support in programme implementation from our own local resources. We can also provide executive protection services and fraud protection services.



Crisis Management


Companies operating in volatile environments are facing ever increasing expectations from staff, shareholders, regulators, and other stakeholders to have planned for and robustly respond to unexpected events. Companies require well prepared contingency plans to deal with a variety of issues including natural disasters, weather related phenomena, political turmoil, insurgency & terrorism, local activism, local labour unrest and the like. Hill & Associates offers both a deep knowledge of the local environments in which companies are operating as well as a thorough understanding of current best practices being adopted to plan for and manage crises. We also maintain an unparalleled response capability so that should an incident occur, we can provide immediate local assistance. We have time and again proven that we have the commitment and capabilities to provide practical support to our clients throughout any crisis.

Source: http://www.hill-assoc.com/services.html