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Enterprise Risk Management


Travel & Event Security


Increasingly, company executives and other employees are required to travel to unfamiliar or potentially hostile locations in order to transact business. In addition, offsite meetings and corporate participation in major events can expose groups of employees to varying degrees of risk. Hill & Associates can assist clients with all aspects of travel and event security, ranging from full hostile environment protective security to executive travel facilitation. This includes major event risk management, event security services, travel risk management, travel risk assessment and protection of individuals and sensitive information at offsite meetings and events.



Risk Management


Today's extended enterprise creates new and unfamiliar risk exposures, which often go ignored or undiscovered until it is too late. Outsourced and 'just in time' business models, security risk assessment and risk management services, which rely heavily on information systems to leverage global networks of suppliers, subcontractors and customers are changing companies' risk profiles beyond recognition. The resulting interdependencies and shared risks cannot be managed by traditional solutions anchored in a single geography or function. In this dynamic business environment, our strategic risk management approach, based on the ISO 31000 standard, balances a global risk perspective with an enterprise-wide view of key business processes and in-depth knowledge of local conditions and circumstances. In addition to designing the processes and systems to address a client's assessed risks, we can provide comprehensive support in programme implementation from our own local resources. We can also provide executive protection services and fraud protection services.



Crisis Management


Companies operating in volatile environments are facing ever increasing expectations from staff, shareholders, regulators, and other stakeholders to have planned for and robustly respond to unexpected events. Companies require well prepared contingency plans to deal with a variety of issues including natural disasters, weather related phenomena, political turmoil, insurgency & terrorism, local activism, local labour unrest and the like. Hill & Associates offers both a deep knowledge of the local environments in which companies are operating as well as a thorough understanding of current best practices being adopted to plan for and manage crises. We also maintain an unparalleled response capability so that should an incident occur, we can provide immediate local assistance. We have time and again proven that we have the commitment and capabilities to provide practical support to our clients throughout any crisis.

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